How You Should Design Your Homepage?

Published: 05th January 2012
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Homepage is the most important part of a website as it is the first thing a visitor notices in a website. Homepage, also known as the landing page, is like the cover of a book. If the cover is not luring enough, possibilities are high that the reader would not open the book. The same is also true in case of your website's homepage. If the homepage is not in accordance to what the visitor wants to see, he or she may not see your website any further. This means an increase in the bounce rate and a decrease in the number of clicks your website gets.

Any business owner who gets a custom web design developed wants the web design to work well and get leads for his business. A business design, however, is not successful until it has the right homepage. A homepage is the first step engage a visitor into your business model. Thus, it is very important that the homepage of your business web design is well designed and highly optimized. As you ask a web design company to design a custom web design for your business ensure that the following things are taken care of while the homepage of your website is designed so that it's usability can be enhanced:

1. Add an Easily Readable Title Tag: Add a suitable title tag to your homepage so that search engines can locate it. Start the title tag with your company name and then proceed with the services you offer. Do not include unnecessary words like 'The' and 'A' until you want the search engine to list your website under 'T' and 'A'.

2. Include a Punch-Line or a Tag-Line: Always include a tag-line on your homepage. A tag-line is just one sentence that describes which industry domain you serve and what services do you provide. This tag-line helps the customer know about you without wandering much here and there. This way your website becomes more user-friendly.

3. Tell the User about the Company: Usually a very few users wish to know about the company but sometimes it is the first thing a user wishes to see. It is very essential to have an About Us link on the homepage of your custom web design. It is also important to see that the About Us page has the right information about your company especially your experience in the industry, your strengths, your customer-related services and a brief definition about your core team.

4. Include a Search Box: The feature of a search box is sure to add to the usability of your business web design.  As a visitor opens your website the first thing he looks for is a search box where he can enter his criteria and scan through the website without surfing much. Make a search box that is visible and helps the user to enter at least up to 25 characters.

5. Show-off a Bit: You are sure to have some good content on your website. Show off your best and most recent content on the homepage so that the user get's engaged in your business web design.

6. Use Important Keywords while Naming the Links: It is important to name the links using important keywords. This way you can help the user in his or her scanning process, differentiating the important parts from the others. This trick also helps in the number of clicks you get on your website, so keep it relevant.

7. Don't Overdo with Graphics: Only use graphics that are relevant and that too on the right places. If you include graphics every where the user might over look the important areas thinking that they are just advertisements. So, play with graphics but don't exploit them.

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